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A Melody of Endurance: Lessons from a 22-Year-Old Wedding Card

Musical Wedding Card still plays after 22 years

22 Years and Still Playing the Wedding March!

Today, I stumbled upon a delightful surprise – a wedding card from my brother that still plays the Wedding March tune after an astonishing 22 years! It’s a feat of longevity that I didn’t expect and it got me thinking…

As a business coach, I often speak about the power of guarantees and consistent delivery. This little card, with no promises made, has remarkably outlasted its expected lifespan. It’s a testament to enduring quality, much like the principles I discuss with my clients.

When we talk about guarantees in business, it’s all about what we consistently deliver – be it prompt responses, high-quality products or services, exceptional after-sales support, secure transactions, timely delivery, customer satisfaction, eco-friendly practices, or price matching. These are the pillars that build trust and reliability in any business.

This musical card, which has unexpectedly stood the test of time, is a reminder that sometimes, we can exceed expectations without even realising it. It’s a nudge to ask ourselves – how can we, as professionals, provide that extra, unexpected value to our clients? How can we make our service memorable, so that, like this card, our impact resonates long after the initial interaction?

So, here’s to unexpected longevity, both in keepsakes and in business relationships! Let’s strive to create offerings that not only meet but exceed expectations, lasting well beyond the typical lifespan.