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Book review by Suzanne Allies Prof. Dip Psy C, Dip CST. MNCPS Acc.

January 2024

Dave Graesser’s book, Business: It’s Not Rocket Science – Core principles for Success, was a joy to read. The book offered straightforward and easily understandable advice, highly relevant to my entrepreneurial journey; and it’s a resource I plan to revisit in the future. It underscored the importance of foundational business principles in achieving success.

Reading about Dave’s own experiences, accomplishments, and mistakes, really motivated and inspired me to develop more self-belief and resilience. I was able to reflect on my business failures to date and to obtain ideas about how to adapt my future decisions to increase my chances of succeeding. The book encouraged me to engage in reflections that relate to my core vision and purpose, and how to turn that vision into tangible progress and growth. In the book, Dave guides you to build a roadmap using practical tools such as setting SMART goals and drawing inspiration from a vision board. I particularly found that establishing my yearly milestones and formulating key actions as part of my 90-day planning exercise provided much-needed structure. In addition, the book allowed me to reflect on my wellbeing needs and how I can improve my daily mindset.

Unexpectedly, it changed my perspective on coaching, making me approach it more positively and confidently, recognizing the potential benefits and opportunities it can bring.  It made me realise how much I will relish the chance to learn from a different perspective within the coaching process, be challenged and made accountable. Overall, the book confirmed my level of commitment towards my business and made me feel less alone in the pursuit of success.